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TOP CAREER JAMNA Scholarship for UI student

Great scholarship for Medicine, Nursing and Public Health Students

Location: Universitas Indonesia

5 students from UI will receive a great scholarship from JAMNA!


2016/04/21 23:00 – 00:00 - WIT

Finished event


Universitas Indonesia


***This Scholarship is Exclusive for students of Medicine, Nursing and Public Health of the Universitas Indonesia***

5 students from the departments of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing will be receiving a scholarship of IDR 10,000,000 each!
This scholarship is offered by JAMNA (Japan Asia Medical and Nursing Association) in partnership with TOP CAREER.


1. Write an at least one-page essay about ”How I am going to solve Indonesia’s medical issues.”

2. Send the text in PDF format to:
With your Full name, Contact, Department at UI.

Deadline for sending essay: March 31st (Thu)
Result of the scholarship: April 11th (Mon)
(Subjected to change)

Extended Deadline for sending essay: April 21st (Thu)
Result of the scholarship: May 2nd (Mon)

For more information scholarship information, you can see from here
1. Access http://studyabroadss.topcareer.jp/ (A scholarship matching website)
2. Register to the website
3. Sign in, and copy and paste the JAMNA scholarship URL below to your browser

【About JAMNA】

Japan has developed world-class medical technology by sending a lot of young people to universities in Western countries to learn many medical things, which has significantly contributed to improve Japanese people’s health.

Currently, in many Asian countries, demand for medicine has been dramatically increasing and higher level of technology is needed according to economic development and higher living standard, just as Japan has experienced in the past. Under such situation, people in Asian countries have a great expectation to precise medical technology and careful nursing know-how developed in Japan which is close in terms of both genetics and lifestyle.

Japan had not been able to respond those needs due to its closed society, but recently, the door for international people exchange in medical field was opened. For example, a new system was formed and it allowed those medical institutions to accept nurse candidates from Asian countries based on Economic Partnership Agreement, EPA, between two nations. Also some Japanese medical institutions started to find the way to expand their services overseas while medical tourism is being promoted. This trend is not only the aspect of international contribution. The government and private medical corporations gather momentum to expand their business in Asian countries, considering those areas as a new market. As such, people to people communication through accepting trainees, site visit and other global projects will be more and more active not only at a national level but also at a private level. We would like to show our gratitude to Western nations where our ancestors learned by contributing to development of medicine in Asian countries. Our best wish is that many doctors, nurses and technicians who have leaned Japanese-style medical services (with the support of people exchange and training that cannot be achieved at the governmental level) take initiative to improve healthcare level in respective nations. We hope that our purpose and goals can be shared widely and that many of you will support us with a generous financial contribution.


TOP CAREER is Japanese company that has been supporting young talents all over the world for more than 8 years. Our company is based in Tokyo and we have offices in Vietnam, Myanmar, China, South Korea, the U.S.A. and Germany.

Our service TOP CAREER Study Abroad passionately supports students from all over the world who wants to play an active role in a global environment. We believe that the first and very important step to fulfil that goal is an international education experience where students can learn about the world, which will eventually lead to the students’ growth. In order to provide the students with the necessary information, we organize and operate study abroad and scholarship fairs, including information about careers after graduation, all over the world. In these fairs, those who have interest in studying overseas can participate in presentations by universities representatives, get in contact with admission staff directly and listen to alumni’s unique experiences.

Organizer & Supporting Organizer

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